Robiquity & OpenDialog Partnership Announcement

Robiquity announce strategic partnership with OpenDialog delivering Conversational AI as part of their Intelligent Automation ecosystem.
Manchester based Intelligent Automation (IA) leaders Robiquity have partnered with OpenDialog to enable businesses to fulfil their core purpose through great conversational experiences. As IA transformation experts in Financial Services, Retail, Telcos, Utilities, manufacturing, Healthcare and Public Sector, Robiquity have vast experience in understanding the challenges facing each industry and see the Conversational AI solution from OpenDialog as a pivotal capability to address these challenges. Historical utilisation of chat systems helped companies to deflect simple requests away from over-worked agents. The recent evolution of Conversational AI technologies combined with OpenDialog’s unique “context-first” approach and no code platform, expands the scope of the “Digital Agent”and makes it easy for companies of all sizes to quickly and easily create sophisticated conversational experience that can now automate highly complex business processes, just through natural human conversation. Industry analysts predict that Conversational AI will reduce contact centre labour costs by $80Bn by 2026 and assert that chatbots will become the primary service channel for 25% of organisations by 2027. Tom Davies, CEO at Robiquity states “The intelligent solutions created in this partnership will be far beyond anything that has been delivered before. Working with OpenDialog, we will be able to track the history of the conversations between customers and digital workers and take the information shared to dynamically interact with business systems and make intelligent decisions. Moving more work to digital agents reduces the time needed with contact centre agents to make those conversations more meaningful and improve the customer experience.” In support of this Co-Founder of OpenDialog Dean Chapman states “I am delighted to announce that OpenDialog has entered into a global partnership with Robiquity, a leading independent provider of Intelligent Automation services. This partnership builds on existing executive relationships and will allow OpenDialog to offer our customers even more comprehensive and effective automation solutions, as we continue to strive to provide the best possible experiences for our clients. Through this exciting new partnership, we will leverage Robiquity’s expertise to further enhance our offerings and increase our reach into new customers across different industry sectors and geographies. We are excited to be working with the Robiquity team and are confident that this partnership will be a great benefit to both companies and our respective customers.”

About Robiquity

Robiquity are the UK’s leading ‘pureplay’ Intelligent Automation (IA) services provider. Robiquity was founded in 2016 and is now undoubtedly the UK’s market leader in Intelligent Automation (IA) ‘The Next Industrial Revolution’, with over 100 staff across our sites in Manchester, California, Dubai and Cairo. Our mission is to enable businesses and their people the time to fulfil their core purpose. We do this through Business Process Transformation, turning siloed teams, functions and systems into streamlined end-to-end processes. We remove manual repetition and delays to boost productivity, efficiency and customer service. Our expertise is in successfully implementing the perfect balance between Intelligent Automation and people…FAST. We automate businesses for a variety of objectives including growth, value, compliance, experience and efficiency. We do this through use of best-in-class vendor technology and we apply this agnostically. We are growing fast and our culture is a fun and vibrant one. Our values are to work as one team, to the highest quality standard while continually improving. We do the right thing as a business and as people and we show that we care. If you’re thinking Automation, think Robiquity. Automation.Done. Find out more at

About OpenDialog

OpenDialog is a Conversational AI software company. Our mission is to transform the way people engage with business systems and processes by automating interaction through conversation. Our Conversational AI platform makes it easy to create highly sophisticated AI powered chatbots and Intelligent Virtual Assistants, without the need for expensive technical teams and design, test and deploy in less than half the time of conventional approaches. Our market leading, easy to implement Conversational AI solutions delivers the best possible conversational experiences and enables significant operational efficiencies by automating over 80% of contacts without any human intervention. Find out more at

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