About OpenDialog

Automation through conversation

OpenDialog is an international conversational AI software company that enables organizations operating in regulated industries to safely harness the power of Generative AI to automate 9/10 interactions.

Our story

Our product

OpenDialog is an enterprise-grade conversational AI platform that was built from the ground up for regulated industries with a unique way of managing conversations and leveraging LLMs to automate up to 90% of all business interactions.

Our mission & vision

What we’re doing and why we’re doing it

Our mission

To make Generative AI safe to use in regulated industries, while also bringing unparalleled operational efficiency and customer experience.

Our vision

To change the way that humans interact with technology, by using natural language to operate computers and machines.

Our locations

London, UK

Austin, TX

Our founders

Terry Walby

Terry Walby

Ex-founder Thoughtonomy

Dr Ronald Ashri

Dr Ronald Ashri

Ex-founder Greenshoot Labs

Dean Chapman

Ex-founder Fedr8 & CCO Thoughtonomy

Our investors

Albion VC
Dowgate Capital

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ISO 27001
Cyber Essentials Certified
G2 rated 4.5 stars
Emerging Technology of the Year