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How it all Began, and Our Way Forward

We are OpenDialog

OpenDialog began life in the innovation lab at the Conversational AI agency GreenShoot Labs in late 2018.

In early 2019 GreenShoot Labs was acquired by publicly-listed technology group, TPXimpact, formally known as The Panoply. TPXimpact’s purpose-driven, digital transformation practice was the ideal platform through which to grow our Conversational AI practice.

Over this time we worked with clients ranging from global brands, governments, startups and non-profits delivering conversational AI solutions.

Whilst collaborating with these clients we realised the need for a tool and method that would help them create delightful, sophisticated conversational experiences at scale while making best use of available AI techniques. And so, OpenDialog was born.

Our mission is to define the methods and build the tools that will enable you to build the best possible conversational experiences. We believe that by automating the right things we can free ourselves to focus on the things that truly matter.

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Automated Conversations That Work, Human Conversations That Matter

We care deeply about how automated conversations will evolve digital experiences and make them more accessible to all humans.

OpenDialog is an open-source tool built by a diverse team of practitioners and is an expression of what we think is important around conversation design and development. We have captured some of that thinking in our Manifesto.

Meet our Amazing Team

The Faces Behind our Success

Pushing the boundaries of Conversational AI further every day.

Ronald Ashri

Founder & CEO

Adam Fowles

Head of Delivery & Operations

Pat Shone

Chief Technology Officer

Maaike Coppens

Chief Design Officer

Elliot Massen

Senior OpenDialog Engineer

Stuart Haigh

Lead OpenDialog Engineer

Vicki Keeley

Lead Frontend Engineer

Candice Almeida

Sales Director

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