Streamlining the Audit Process

with BDO and OpenDialog


(English, German, French, Italian)

New Pricing Model

For BDO's Auditing Services

Increased Efficiency

In Delivery of ~7000 SME Audits


Auditing is a very manual and complex process for both the Auditor and their clients, and has not significantly changed for over 10 years.

BDO wanted to transform the way audits are run, reducing the friction of data collection, exchange and collaboration between clients and auditors. They wanted to explore if chat would be a possible solution to improve their processes and provide a point of difference against their competitors.

Having mapped the process across both their customer and auditor journey, a new vision for intelligent automation was mapped out. Core to their solution was to develop a new web based tool along with conversational experience, enabling BDO to simplify the audit process, assist clients 24/7 and keep all communications related to the audit in one space.

the solution

A conversational interface utilising OpenDialog’s Webchat along with custom conversational flows and contextual integration through OpenDialog was integrated within the auditing tool to support both auditors and their clients through the auditing process.

Using NLP and machine learning the chatbot constantly improves its responses. The solution uses dynamic language (French, German, English supported), intent and entity identification provided through Microsoft LUIS. It also has easy to manage standard support questions within Microsoft QnA, in which there are different knowledge bases per language.

The solution enables clients to escalate queries to a human auditor so they can talk directly to them within the application and manage all conversations related to the audit within one interface.
After submission of the audit data our AI algorithm helps to classify audit type, highlight anomalies and recommend outcomes and responses. Decreased Audit processing time through AI classification and recommendation.


client feedback

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