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Conversational AI for Healthcare

Healthcare-focussed AI-Powered Chatbots & Digital Assistants that enhance patient experience and supercharge operational efficiency without compromising on compliance

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Enabling health and social care services to harness cutting-edge generative AI

Reduce costs and delays caused by operational inefficiency

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Elevate patient experience and improve care with 24/7 personalized omnichannel support

Save countless hours of admin work for staff and scale services without increasing headcount

Welcome to OpenDialog for Healthcare​

The Specialist Conversational AI Solution for the Healthcare Sector​

OpenDialog for Healthcare is an intelligent Conversational AI solution designed specifically for the health and social care sector. Built from the ground-up for regulated environments, OpenDialog’s enterprise-grade platform empowers healthcare organizations to harness cutting-edge generative AI securely to automate up to 84% of interactions using natural language. Our end-to-end solutions create unprecedented operational efficiency to alleviate the strain on staff and improve experience, accessibility and outcomes for patients through our 24/7 on-demand digital healthcare assistants.

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Healthcare specific templates for appointments, diagnosis & more for optimum experience out of the box

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Pre-trained with industry specific language models & customizable to your desired tone of voice

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Securely integrates with patient portals and existing IT infrastructure

Trusted across the Healthcare Sector:

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Automation of


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Gathering more than

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Conversational AI Chatbots & Advanced Virtual Agents for Health & Social Care

Transforming Healthcare with AI​

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OpenDialog for Healthcare

A Game-Changer for Healthcare Organizations

Whether you are aiming to optimize productivity, reduce costs or a enhance patient experience to improve clinical outcomes, OpenDialog for Healthcare provides an immediate step-change – delivering rapid results, across your entire organization.

Hyper-personalized interactions

Delight your patients on every channel with the world’s most advanced generative AI that facilitates hyper-personalized natural language interactions 24/7

Pre-built health and medical vocabulary for contextual understanding and accurate response

Integrate with any system and customize to your user’s needs

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Rest easy on compliance

Fully auditable outputs and fine grained controls around decisioning and responses

Robust data security protocols that are ISO 27001 Certified

Used by OpenDialog customers in HIPAA compliant processes

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Be Future-Ready with Leading AI Capabilities

Leap ahead of your competition with our plug-and-play interpreters that utilize the most powerful NLU engines on the market

Protect your investment over the long-term with a solution that seamlessly absorbs emerging generative AI technologies

AI that learns and continuously improves with every new data point

You Have To See It To Believe It!

Rest Easy on Regulations With OpenDialog

OpenDialog is built from the ground up for regulated environments, making it the best Conversational AI platform for the healthcare sector. Its extensive analytic functionality supports regulatory compliance, safety and explainability as well as underpinning continuous improvement and enhancement.

You're in Safe Hands

ISO 27001 Certified | British Assessment Bureau (Information Security Management Systems)
Cyber Essentials Certified

ISO 27001 Certified

Cyber Essentials Certified

Used by OpenDialog customers in HIPAA compliant processes

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