Generative AI interactions
safe for regulated industries

Generative AI interactions safe for regulated industries

Unlock more natural conversations and higher levels of automation without compromising on safety and compliance

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Safe Generative AI & LLMs

Break boundaries, not regulations

OpenDialog seamlessly blends the fluidity of Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) together with the control and explainability of structured conversations. The OpenDialog conversational AI platform enables organizations to automate up to 90% of all business interactions whilst ensuring safe conversations with users and adherence to industry regulations, all without substituting natural conversations for rigid process flows. 

Decision tree icon

Process flow
/standard chatbot

Transactional interactions

Completes only basic processes

Full business-level control

Only provides pre-written responses

Explainable decisions (pre-programmed)

Security level dependent on vendor

LLM chat icon

Other Generative
AI assistants

Engages in natural conversations

Completes linear processes

Limited control

High risk of ‘hallucinations’

Unable to explain how decisions are made

Vulnerable to revealing sensitive data

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digital assistant

Engages in natural conversations

Completes complex multi-step processes

Full business-level control

Trusted and accurate outputs

Transparent and explainable

Robust data security

Trusted across regulated organizations:

The world's most advanced Generative AI

OpenDialog is the only conversational automation platform to harness the world’s most advanced LLMs safely for regulated industries. What’s more, as AI technology continues to evolve at pace, we seamlessly absorb the newest models into our platform so you’ll stay at the forefront of innovation and never find yourself locked in to outdated technology.

LLMs harnessed by OpenDialog

Safely harnessed for compliant conversations

Transparent & explainable AI

OpenDialog adds structure by evaluating and categorizing each input and logs each decision in an auditable database.

You are in control

You decide which user inputs are responded to by LLMs, which get routed to your integrated system or knowledge base, and what triggers a pre-written response.

Eliminates harmful & inaccurate outputs

OpenDialog ensures contextual input devoid of any nonessential information and reasons over inputs and outputs before they are delivered.

Protects sensitive data

OpenDialog has robust privacy safeguards in place to protect customer data, with tight encryption, secure data storage, and strict access controls.

Safe & trusted front office automation

Out of the box solutions for regulated industries

Healthcare Automation Solutions

  • Appointment scheduling & management
  • Patient onboarding automation
  • Health & wellness support
  • Outpatient support
  • Billing & insurance query automation
  • and more

Insurance Automation Solutions

  • Contact center automation
  • Quote-to-bind journey
  • Renewals 
  • Claims automation
  • Mid-term adjustments
  • and more

FAQs on Generative AI & LLM safety

Large Language Models (LLMs) are sophisticated AI models trained on vast amounts of text data, capable of generating human-like text responses to user queries or prompts.

LLMs excel in conversational automation due to their flexibility, natural language understanding, and ability to maintain context, offering more engaging and adaptive interactions compared to rigid decision trees and process flows. Additionally, LLMs continuously learn and generate human-like responses, making them better suited for handling ambiguity and uncertainty in conversations.

LLMs can generate responses that may inadvertently disclose sensitive information, provide inaccurate or biased answers, or even generate harmful content, posing risks in industries where compliance, accuracy, and privacy are paramount.

The OpenDialog conversational AI platform employs a combination of techniques, including rigorous data sanitization, bias detection and mitigation, context-aware filtering, and compliance enforcement mechanisms, to ensure that responses generated by LLMs are safe, accurate, and compliant with industry regulations.

We prioritize data privacy and security by implementing encryption protocols, access controls, and strict data governance practices to safeguard sensitive information exchanged during interactions with the conversational AI platform.

Our platform integrates bias detection algorithms and ethical AI frameworks to identify and mitigate biases present in LLM-generated responses, promoting fairness and inclusivity in interactions with users from diverse backgrounds.

Yes, our platform is designed to be highly customizable, allowing organizations to configure compliance rules, content filters, and moderation policies tailored to their regulatory requirements and industry standards.

We provide comprehensive logging and auditing capabilities, enabling organizations to track the origin of responses, review model performance metrics, and monitor user interactions to maintain transparency and accountability in the deployment of LLMs.

Yes, OpenDialog is designed to comply with a wide range of industry-specific regulations, including but not limited to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act), ensuring that data handling practices align with legal requirements and best practices for data privacy and protection.

Safe & trusted LLM conversations

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