Enterprise Conversational AI Platform

Natural conversations that maximize automation & prioritize safety

Omnichannel communications, data insights and a no-code design studio – all in a single platform to automate 9/10 interactions across your whole organization

Unique context-first conversation engine

Built from the ground up for regulated industries

Transparent & explainable AI

OpenDialog adds structure by evaluating and categorizing each input and logs each decision in an auditable database.

You are in control

You decide which user inputs are responded to by LLMs, which get routed to your integrated system or knowledge base, and what triggers a pre-written response.

Eliminates harmful & inaccurate outputs

OpenDialog ensures contextual input devoid of any nonessential information and reasons over inputs and outputs before they are delivered.

Protects sensitive data

OpenDialog has robust privacy safeguards in place to protect customer data, with tight encryption, secure data storage, and strict access controls.

More natural conversations

The highest levels of automation

Say goodbye to frustrating chatbots built on rigid process flows. OpenDialog’s enterprise-grade conversational AI platform achieves higher levels of complex task completion without human intervention when compared to other conversational AI software thanks to its innovative context-first engine and multi-AI model capabilities.

With the help of OpenDialog’s strategic data insights, we put you on the path to automate up to 90% of interactions across your whole business.

Detailed Analytics

Harvest actionable and critical data insights

Use conversation insights for auditability and explainability in regulated industries like healthcare and insurance.

Gain valuable business intelligence from every interaction to continuously improve automation success and inform your transformation strategy.

OpenDialog Analytics screenshots

No code conversation design studio

Customize and scale without limits

Generate awesome conversational applications in just a few clicks with our automated dialog composer and use our simple no-code conversation design interface to easily manage and scale without needing to write a single line of code.

Enterprise-grade security

Secure user access and control features

Reliable and scalable infrastructure

Access control and integration simplicity

Strong encryption for data protection

Comprehensive security testing and protection

cyber security

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ISO 27001
Cyber Essentials Certified
G2 rated 4.5 stars
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