OpenDialog AI strengthens team with key appointment – Danny Major

We are delighted to announce the addition of Danny Major to the OpenDialog AI leadership team.

Formerly SVP Product at Blue Prism, and previously CTO of Thoughtonomy, Danny brings with him extensive leadership experience from the global enterprise automation market, helping organizations solve tangible, real world problems and deliver transformation through the application of automation technologies.

Danny’s strategic focus at OpenDialog will be ensuring that OpenDialog AI clients are able to maximize value from their investment in the OpenDialog platform and will support the development and growth of the new OpenDialog AI partner ecosystem.

Commenting on joining OpenDialog, Danny said: ‘In recent years, the capabilities of conversational AI technology have grown exponentially, and the differentiation of the OpenDialog AI platform makes that available to organizations of all sizes while hugely reducing the skills and investment they would have historically required to implement effective conversational automation solutions. I’m ecstatic to be joining the team and reuniting with old friends and colleagues to help our clients realize the significant value they can achieve.

Terry Walby, CEO OpenDialog commented:

“We are delighted to be able to welcome Danny to the OpenDialog team. We are excited at the opportunity to work together again and build on our previous successes to help our customers deliver automation through conversation. The recent buzz around Large Language Models has created a fresh market interest in conversational technology, and OpenDialog is the platform for enterprises to deliver safe, secure, and market leading customer experiences in real world applications.”

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