How Conversational AI Is Transforming Customer Service in Contact Centers

Conversational AI has the ability to significantly enhance the efficiency, effectiveness, and accuracy of customer service in contact centers, and is forecast to reduce contact center agent labor costs by as much as $80 billion by 2026 [1].      

AI powered chatbots and intelligent virtual assistants provide businesses with the opportunity to gain a better understanding of customer behavior patterns, their customers’ needs and enables the delivery of a more effective and efficient personalized experience.    

Benefits of implementing Conversational AI in contact centers include:

1. Improving Efficiency: 

Conversational AI can significantly improve the efficiency of customer service support in contact centers. This is achieved through the automation of  tasks that would previously have required human assistance such as making changes to existing services, buying new products or getting answers to deep technical queries.

2. Reducing Workload For Human Agents

By reducing the workload for human agents, they are able to focus on higher value activities within the business.

3. Reduced Operating Costs: 

By automating tasks through natural language, Conversational AI can help to reduce the cost of providing customer service by reducing the number of human agents required. This can be particularly significant for businesses that handle a high volume of customer inquiries and have high staff, energy and real estate costs    

4. Easily create an “Always On” international business: 

Conversational AI also provides immediate access to support 24/7/365. By providing self-service solutions such as AI Powered Chatbots or Intelligent Virtual Assistants, businesses can allow customers to get quick answers to their questions and execute tasks, regardless of the time of day, and all without requiring human intervention. This 24/7/365 capability can also be delivered easily in multiple languages, enabling customers to navigate websites, complete purchases and self-serve support right across the world at any time, day or night.    

5. Improving Customer Experience:

Conversational AI uses personalization to improve customer service experiences by analyzing behavior data and trends to better understand customer needs, and then tailoring responses and recommendations accordingly. Conversational AI products can also analyze customer data to understand specific problems an individual is facing, and provide pro-active, personalized solutions that are tailored to those problems. Personalization helps build trust with customers and create a more positive impression of your brand in 2023. leveraging the capabilities of Conversational AI and keeping up to date with the newest technology is likely to be key to driving operational efficiency and improved customer satisfaction within contact centers.


Businesses that adopt Conversational AI will improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer experience, creating a “Conversational Divide” between those that take advantage of this technology and those that fail to exploit the opportunity.

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