OpenDialog One Year On: Reflecting on the First 12 Months as an Enterprise-Ready Platform

It’s now been a full year since the launch of OpenDialog AI Ltd as a business and the graduation of the OpenDialog platform from its incubation at Greenshoot Labs into a fully-fledged enterprise grade commercial product. Over the last 12 months, the platform has gone from strength to strength and laid its claim as a market leading enterprise conversational AI platform for companies that operate in regulated industries.  

Our world-class developers and conversation designers at OpenDialog AI have been extremely busy behind the scenes, continuously improving the product for our growing customer base. Below, we reflect on some of the exciting developments rolled out over the past year and hint at what’s to come. 

Recent updates: 

Voice – Alexa integration

Voice support was added to the OpenDialog AI platform in 2022, marking a significant milestone in its integration with Amazon’s Alexa. Our collaboration with not-for-profit reading charity, EDRLab, now enables members to access a vast collection of books through Alexa smart speakers. By leveraging the power of voice technology, OpenDialog and EDRLab provide a seamless and user-friendly experience, empowering individuals to enjoy literature in a convenient and innovative way. This integration highlights OpenDialog’s commitment to expanding its capabilities and embracing emerging technologies to enhance user engagement and accessibility. 

Design Experience Update

One of the key areas of focus for the OpenDialog development team is making improvements to the design experience. We are continually adding to our product roadmap based on the feedback and suggestions of customers and recently added functionality to duplicate, import and export scenarios. Scenarios are the top level in the design model that contain the conversations and set the context. The new import and export feature allows users to easily duplicate, copy or move scenarios into different workspaces.

Language Translation

One of the most significant feature updates to the OpenDialog AI platform in the past 12 months; the platform now allows users to easily translate applications into multiple languages, thereby enabling seamless communication with customers from diverse linguistic backgrounds. OpenDialog customers can quickly and easily provide a localized experience, expanding the reach and impact of their applications. The translation feature not only enhances accessibility but also facilitates effective cross-cultural communication, making OpenDialog AI a versatile and inclusive platform for building conversational experiences.

OpenDialog Academy

A deep understanding of how to use the platform is critical to minimizing time to value for our customers, so we introduced the OpenDialog Academy. Through a series of tutorials and exams, the academy supports the onboarding of new customers and partners and helps them develop their knowledge of the platform, rewarding them with a certification on completion of the course. The Academy also serves as a reference point for internal training and as a way of keeping up to date with how to use new features as they are added. 

Enhanced Testing

The OpenDialog platform was built to be fully flexible and customizable to each business need, and we have now added support for custom testing. This update enables the conversation to be visible in a preview pane and enables clients to access debug views to ensure everything works as expected during the testing phase. 

Analytics Dashboard

The new analytics dashboard offers developers valuable insights into the performance and usage of their conversational applications. This feature allows users to track and analyze various metrics, such as conversation flow, user interactions, and error rates, providing a comprehensive overview of their application’s performance and user journey. By leveraging this feature, our customers can identify areas for improvement, optimize user experiences, and ensure the smooth functioning of their applications. With real-time monitoring and detailed analytics, OpenDialog AI empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, enhance their applications, and deliver exceptional conversational experiences to users.


We have improved the functionality of the message editor by adding a new search feature. This feature enables users to easily find specific messages within their conversational applications by searching for specific keywords or phrases. With the search functionality, developers can quickly locate and navigate to relevant messages, saving time and effort in managing and editing large-scale conversational projects. This new feature enhances the efficiency and productivity of developers, allowing them to streamline the editing process and make necessary modifications to specific messages with ease. 

What’s next?

Our fanatical team continues to work tirelessly to develop and test a whole host of new features and product updates, building our platform into a best-in-class product to match our unrivaled conversation engine. 

We have some exciting product news coming very soon, so be sure to subscribe to our updates and keep an eye on your inbox for upcoming announcements.

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