OpenDialog Launches Conversational AI Platform on AWS Marketplace for Regulated Markets

OpenDialog launches on AWS marketplace

OpenDialog, a leading provider of conversational and generative AI solutions has today announced the availability of its platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. This integration simplifies access for AWS and OpenDialog customers, enabling them to leverage cutting-edge conversational AI solutions tailored for regulated industries.

The AWS Marketplace serves as a digital catalog where customers can find, buy, and deploy software and services that run on AWS. It offers a wide selection of solutions from independent software vendors, covering diverse categories such as machine learning, security, storage, and more. This platform simplifies the adoption of innovative technologies, enabling businesses to accelerate their digital transformation journey with confidence and efficiency.

The listing on AWS Marketplace grants AWS customers full access to the robust capabilities of the OpenDialog platform, empowering them to revolutionize customer interactions and streamline operations. 

Danny Major, Chief Customer Officer at OpenDialog said: “Introducing our latest milestone: the launch of our Conversational and Generative AI Platform on the AWS Marketplace. With OpenDialog now being listed on the AWS marketplace, businesses operating in regulated industries gain seamless access to cutting-edge conversational AI solutions, fortified with the power of AWS. Our entry into the AWS Marketplace marks a significant advancement in our mission to empower regulated industries with transformative conversational and generative AI capability.”

“Now, businesses can effortlessly augment their products and services with virtual agents built from the ground up for regulated industries. Our customers are now able to initiate their transformation automation journey with unparalleled ease. With just a few clicks on the AWS Marketplace, they can procure and deploy virtual agents on-demand, eliminating the complexities and additional expenses associated with setting up underlying infrastructure”  Danny continued. 

OpenDialog’s presence on AWS Marketplace reinforces its dedication to delivering innovative solutions that drive compliance and efficiency across regulated sectors. The platform provides customers with a seamless way to explore and implement conversational and generative AI solutions via AWS.

To learn more about the OpenDialog platform visit or visit the AWS Marketplace. 

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