Design Amazing Conversations

Quickly prototype, Collaborate and Refine (And Have fun doing it!)

the Right Conversations At The Right Time

Design sophisticated conversations with Ease

OpenDialog introduces a new way of designing conversations that allows you to build sophisticated conversations quickly and reliably.

OpenDialog makes contextual, multi-directional conversation design possible – thanks to it’s unique approach.

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Quick prototypes That are Immediately Testable

The OpenDialog Way

At the heart of OpenDialog is a very specific (and opinionated) model of what is a conversation, how we think and describe it as humans and how we reason about it through software.

This strong conversational model is at the core of everything we do and supports the entire process from conversation design through to the deployment of conversations in live environments.

You can quickly prototype conversations, demo them to the team, test them with users, refine them and have them ready for NLU training along with integrating them with other systems without any extra work or steps. 

New Ways Require New Tools

A Design Environment That Sparks Joy!

The OpenDialog Designer empowers you to model a variety of different conversational patterns through a process of describing increasingly more specific aspects of a conversation.

You start from high-level scenarios, dive into conversations, break them out into scenes and finally design individual conversational turns and intents. 

The process is fun and the result is a sophisticated and flexible conversational application that can delight your users. 

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