ChatGPT, What Is It And How Can You Use It In 2023?

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ChatGPT is a general knowledge Chatbot from OpenAI in early release. It provides conversational access to a state-of-the-art Large Language Model, and it can be used for tasks such as language translation, question answering, text generation and even code generation.

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Revolutionize Service And Customer Experiences With Conversational AI

For the first time Conversational AI enables intelligent, interactive human-to-machine communication through Natural Language Processing (NLP) using text and voice, such as AI Powered Chatbots and Intelligent Virtual Assistants. OpenDialog’s Conversational AI Platform makes it easy for our customers to implement highly sophisticated conversational experiences, without the need for expensive teams and in half the time of conventional approaches.

This amazing technology bridges the gap between humans and machines sparking the next digital evolution of personalized service experiences.

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