Why OpenDialog?

Conversational Applications need new Methods and New Tools

You know that your users can benefit from intuitive, delightful, always available experiences across different channels and around the clock.

You know that the way to deliver this is through Conversational AI.

The questions are:

What approach to follow? How can I quickly adapt? How will it scale? What tools and platforms to adopt? How do I bring my entire team on this journey?

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At OpenDialog We Are Dedicated To A Single Cause...

Making the best possible platform for designing and developing conversational applications.

Whether you call them chatbots, virtual assistants, intelligent assistants or simply bots – they are all conversational applications. OpenDialog provides a structured, reliable and, at the same time, flexible method to design and develop them.

We Believe That To Achieve This You Need To Start From The Core Of The Problem...​

The Conversational Model Itself!

Defining a sophisticated, opinionated and comprehensive conversational model means that you can go on to develop methods and tools with solid foundations. 

OpenDialog doesn’t just stitch together some natural language understanding with some no-code workflow functionality to package it up in a nice interface.

OpenDialog overview

OpenDialog is first and foremost an opinionated and principled way of designing conversations.

develop conversational applications better and faster.

Starting from a specific theory of interaction we are defining a method and building a platform from the ground-up to help you design and develop conversational applications better and faster.

No-code Conversation Design and Pro-Active Engine.

It is these foundations that enables us to build no-code conversation design tools that work hand-in-hand with a powerful conversation engine to deliver amazing experiences quickly.

A Platform For The Entire Team.

This sets up the entire team for success and provides a long-term platform for now and the future.

Automated Conversations That Work, Human Conversations That Matter

We care deeply about how automated conversations will evolve digital experiences and make them more accessible to all humans.

OpenDialog is an open-source tool built by a diverse team of practitioners and is an expression of what we think is important around conversation design and development. We have captured some of that thinking in our Manifesto.

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