The Intelligent Automation Collective launches to simplify IA adoption for enterprises

Seven IA solution companies collaborate to provide ultimate end-to-end intelligent automation solution for enterprise businesses
London, UK: 10 Novermber 2022: Seven technology companies from across the IA sector have unveiled the Intelligent Automation Collective (IAC), a unique collaboration to create and deploy a market-leading, end-to-end Intelligent Automation (IA) solution. The seven founding members of the IAC are: AntWorks, Emergence Partners, Enate,, OpenDialog, RPA Supervisor and XpertRule. Each company is renowned for its expertise in providing key elements of an IA solution, but together are able to augment their capabilities into a compelling offering that will solve many complex enterprise challenges. Dean Chapman Chief Commercial Officer for OpenDialog, said: “We are delighted to be able to announce our inclusion in the Intelligent Automation Collective today. We understand the challenges that Enterprises face in striking the balance between undertaking strategic automation programmes whilst also taking advantage of best-in-class technologies across each discipline. Through the IAC and alongside our partners AntWorks, Emergence Partners, Enate,, RPA Supervisor and XpertRule, we are now able to make it much easier for enterprises to transform at speed and mitigate many of the common inhibitors to adoption of Intelligent Automation. This partnership validates OpenDialog’s position as the best-in-class Conversational AI Platform. We look forward to helping our joint IAC customers leverage conversational AI as a fundamental component of their Intelligent Automation strategy.” The solution will accelerate IA adoption, reduce cost, and simplify the selection and buying process. It will also address the frustration that many buyers face in navigating through confusing and conflicting information, managing multiple contractual relationships, and dealing with the complexity of integrating multiple technologies. According to MarketsandMarkets™, the global Intelligent Process Automation Market size is expected to grow from USD 13.6 billion in 2022 to USD 25.9 billion by 2027. The IAC will specifically target enterprise businesses, and C-suite executives within them, who have become increasingly frustrated with existing ways of procuring and deploying advanced tech solutions and have often been underwhelmed with the results. A selection of the solutions offered by IAC are Intelligent document processing, smart business process management, advanced data mining, Conversational AI-based chatbots, automated decision-making and Intelligent Automation implementation and management. David Poole, Chairman of Emergence Partners, and lead spokesperson for the IAC said: “It is a fact that software vendors don’t traditionally play nicely together and leave it to the customer to fix interoperability and deployment challenges. We set up the IAC to be different; to harness the power of true collaboration and create something that works for the client and their specific challenges and opportunities.” David goes on to say, “We are not an eye-wateringly expensive systems integrator but a group of best-in-class innovators, working together without bias or ego, to deliver pain-free Intelligent Automation solutions to customers. Our unique and transparent contracting model and proprietary end-to-end automation solution make procuring, deploying, and scaling IA projects faster, cheaper, and more effectively.” The IAC will be running a series of free Intelligent Automation clinics for businesses looking to accelerate or improve their IA journey. More information can be found on the IAC website.

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About the IAC: The IAC exists to deliver profoundly intelligent automation through the creation and application of an end-to-end intelligent automation architecture. Created by seven best-in-class tech companies, the IAC solution will accelerate IA adoption, reduce cost and simplify the selection and buying process. Find out more at About Antworks: AntWorks™ is a global leader in Intelligent Document Processing. It uses proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology to unlock, classify and digitise the vital data in the full range of business documents. Its flagship product, CMR+, understands and contextualises information with unrivalled accuracy and minimal intervention. Designed for flexibility, it processes hard-to-read, complex, ‘unstructured’ content; emails, contracts, reports, tables, images and handwriting. CMR+ enhances tried-and-tested technologies with more than 360 proprietary machine learning algorithms using natural language processing (NLP) and pattern recognition, without relying on font libraries or templates. Find out more at About Emergence: Emergence is the consulting member of the IAC and a new breed of Tech Consultancy. Emergence exists to make the world a better place to live and work through the thoughtful adoption of advanced technologies.  We set out to be different. To be true strategic partners to our clients. To listen. To move fast, with passion and purpose. We blend independent technology expertise with an understanding of human impact – we never forget that people are at the heart of every business and the communities around them.  As a founding member of the IAC we want to deliver what we call Profound Transformation for clients as well as make the promise of honestly intelligent automation a reality.   Find out more about us at About Enate: Enate is an end-to-end business process platform that gives you full visibility and autonomy over your operations. Get a bird’s eye view of workflows, deliver the right work to the right resource, identify automation opportunities, become more efficient and simplify the way you work. Enate’s in-platform reporting gives you powerful insights so that you can reshape the way you work and become smarter, faster and more agile. Implement Enate quickly and see results from day one. Become 20% more operationally efficient and gain more resource capacity with one tool. Learn more at About We are a Productivity Mining Company fueling digital change. We help our clients to rapidly understand their abstract processes, combining it with a people and technology dimension. Our automatically generated, data driven improvement recommendations aim at delivering fastest possible ROI. KYP algorithms help to accelerate implementation of digitally augmented processes, combining unique human impact with machine driven workforce. Our plug-and-play cloud SaaS solution serves as data backbone producing insights for unique process automation opportunities and their successful execution. We recommend what is realistic and prove the value by measuring it. Find out more at About OpenDialog: OpenDialog is a Conversational AI software company. Our mission is to transform the way people engage with business systems and processes by automating interaction through conversation. Our Conversational AI platform makes it easy to create highly sophisticated AI powered chatbots and Intelligent Virtual Assistants, without the need for expensive technical teams and design, test and deploy in less than half the time of conventional approaches. Our market leading, easy to implement Conversational AI solutions delivers the best possible conversational experiences and enables significant operational efficiencies by automating over 80% of contacts without any human intervention. Find out more at About RPA Supervisor: RPA Supervisor was founded in 2018 to reduce the operational inefficiencies that limit RPA, as well as the full potential of Intelligent Automation. The industry’s first Intelligent Automation Management Platform reduces costs, so you can automate more. The platform increases capacity, improves resiliency, and streamlines the operation of all major RPA/IA software robots to create greater business value and accelerate scale, with fewer resources. Through SLA-based orchestration, real-time notifications and fully automated operations, RPA Supervisor efficiently reduces the headaches, costs and lost production time associated with constant monitoring and stabilization of robotic workers. Find out more at About XpertRule: XpertRule is a leading software developer and provider of intelligent automation solutions, which incorporate multiple AI capabilities to streamline and enhance the decision-making process. Founded by AI pioneers and visionaries, the company’s software makes it easy to automate complex decisions and customer interactions through conversational AI digital decision-making. XpertRule’s customers have used at scale in many sectors including financial services, manufacturing, utilities, telecommunications, and public sector. The company’s goal is to deliver on the promise of intelligent automation. To learn more visit

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