Choosing The Best AI Powered Chatbot for 2023

The recent publicity around ChatGPT has helped people understand the level of intelligence and capability that an AI powered chatbot can deliver and in recent weeks, companies are starting to consider how they can take advantage of this technology and meet the ever-increasing expectations of their customers.

But what really are AI powered chatbots? And how do we go about choosing the right solution for our business?

Conversational AI is a type of artificial intelligence that is designed to enable humans to communicate with machines in a natural, human-like manner. This is achieved through the use of AI Powered Chatbots and Intelligent Virtual Assistants, which can be used in a variety of applications, such as customer service, eCommerce, and information dissemination.

Global AI adoption by organizations is set to grow by 38.1% by 2023. [1]

So, what makes a “good” AI Powered Chatbot?

A good AI Powered chatbot should have several key characteristics:

  • Ease of adoption and management: One of the key challenges for businesses trying to take advantage of this technology is the complexity of the technology and the requirement to invest in highly technical developer and data scientists. If you don’t have these technical resources already available in your business, you should consider low code/no-code solutions.

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): The Chatbot should be able to understand and respond to natural language input from users, using techniques such as machine learning and natural language understanding.
  • Human-like conversation: The Chatbot should be able to hold a human-like conversation with users that is natural and easy to understand, without sounding scripted. Understanding context is key here and an area where many solutions fail.
  • Intelligent responses: The Chatbot should be able to provide intelligent and appropriate responses to user queries, even when faced with complex or ambiguous input.
  • Personalization: The Chatbot should be able to personalize the conversation and responses based on the user’s preferences and history, making the experience more engaging and relevant.
  • Scalability: The Chatbot should be able to handle a large number of concurrent conversations and users and should be able to scale up or down as needed.
  • Integrations: The Chatbot should be able to integrate with other systems and services, such as databases, CRM, ERP and LOB systems, to provide a more seamless and comprehensive experience for the user.
  • Adaptability: The Chatbot should continuously learn and adapt over time using machine learning to improve its performance and provide more accurate responses.
  • Error handling: The Chatbot should be able to handle errors and unexpected inputs gracefully, providing helpful feedback and guidance to the user.
  • Task Completion – probably the most important characteristic for any chatbot is that when we have a problem, they actually solve the problem. We’ve all experienced situations where the chatbot gets stuck or takes our information only to inform us an agent will be in touch in a few hours.

In addition to these characteristics, it’s also important to ensure that the chatbot is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface, as well as providing analytics and reporting on how the chatbot is performing and being used by users.

What makes Open Dialog’s Conversational AI platform the right one for you ?

Open Dialog has created a Conversational AI platform that makes it easy and fast to implement powerful AI powered chatbots. Here are the advantages we provide our customers:

Easier To Adopt

  • No need for large teams of developers and data scientists thanks to our no-code conversation designer
  • Integrates with voice and text input channels for a seamless experience

Uses the world’s most sophisticated and mature Artificial Intelligence technologies    

Easier To Scale

  • Integrated lifecycle management from development to production
  • A strategic platform to automate conversations and complex processes across the enterprise
  • Quickly add new conversations using conversation templates

Easier to manage

  • Fully managed SaaS platform
  • Extensible and customizable
  • Implement change easily and without the need of deep technical skills
  • Integrate with external or legacy services quickly


  • Typically, less than half the cost when compared to competitive CAI approaches
  • Eliminate the need for large teams of expensive technical resources
  • Significantly reduce ongoing change management requirements
  • Deflect more conversations away from expensive human resources


  • Best in class conversation completion rates
  • Automate 80% of manual processesAutomate a broad range of complex tasks and processes across the business
  • Available 24/7/356 across multiple regions and languages
  • Hyper-personalized and engaging interactions for your customers
  • Integrated with other systems, such as databases and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, enabling access to relevant information that can help to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of responses.


  • Human-like interactions at machine speed
  • Development of new chatbot and virtual assistants in half the time of many conversational AI technologies

Ready to join the conversation? Get in touch with one of our AI experts today!




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