Automating Healthcare through Conversational AI: OpenDialog exhibits at HETT North 2024

HETT 2024

At the HETT North conference this week, the OpenDialog team took Manchester by storm with its specialist Conversational AI platform. 

HETT North is the northern counterpart of the industry-leading HETT show that’s based in London. Both annual events are renowned for their focus on healthcare digital transformation and showcasing the latest advancements and innovations within the healthcare technology space. The event was attended by over 1,400 attendees and over 100 of the most innovative suppliers across the UK healthcare sector, igniting lots of discussion about the future of healthcare.

Among the topics discussed at the conference were digitally empowered patients, workforce, and productivity, but one that caused the biggest stir was artificial intelligence (AI). The conference floor was enthusiastic about the possibilities of AI, and more specifically conversational AI, and how it can benefit healthcare providers. And so, OpenDialog’s presence piqued a lot of interest from many delegates, particularly regarding the uses of conversational AI in healthcare and how it could alleviate many of the industry’s current challenges. 

The OpenDialog team was poised to answer any questions regarding conversational AI and its uses, as well as demonstrate how the platform can value NHS trusts and healthcare organizations. An AI-powered virtual assistant, for instance, can reduce the number of dropped calls from patients waiting for call handlers. As a result, more patients can access care through the virtual assistant, reducing pressure on call handlers.

Over the day, OpenDialog’s team made several exciting connections and is excited about leveraging this success to drive digital transformation and positive outcomes for the healthcare sector and patients.

Want to learn exactly how Conversational AI can be used in healthcare? Click here to find out. 

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