Innovative Conversational AI Solutions for Healthcare

Efficient & Patient Centred | How Conversational AI is addressing some of healthcare's biggest challenges

Challenges faced by healthcare providers at times seem insurmountable. With financial pressures, workforce shortages, and a high administrative burden on staff, patient engagement suffers and their safety is put at risk. 

OpenDialog for Healthcare is an intelligent Conversational AI solution designed specifically for the health and social care sector. This video demonstrates examples of how OpenDialog AI-powered virtual agents are addressing many of the challenges faced by healthcare providers, streamlining operations through automation while keeping patient health and experience at the forefront.

Watch the video, presented by generative AI avatar, Sonia, to see some of the use cases for OpenDialog digital agents, including: 

  • Appointment scheduling and reminders
  • Audio transcription of patient consultations to electronic health records
  • Outpatient support

Watch OpenDialog for Healthcare in action

Learn more about OpenDialog for Healthcare

Discover more about how to use Conversational AI in Healthcare to level-up operational efficiency and patient experience.

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