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Case Study – My Meds & Me

Collecting complex medical info consistently and reliably with MyMeds&Me and OpenDialog BAckground MyMeds&Me already had a well-established, complex form-based, product for collecting adverse effects from

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Case Study – BDO

Streamlining the Audit Process with BDO and OpenDialog 4 Languages (English, German, French, Italian) New Pricing Model For BDO’s Auditing Services Increased Efficiency In Delivery

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What Is Responsible Design? OpenDialog and Vixen Labs Panel Discussion

It’s been less than a week since GPT4 was launched. With the rapid success of its predecessor, GPT3, large language models have come into the mainstream and are shaping how we work, play and converse.

But, what grounding principles do conversation designers and product owners need to know to shape how we use these powerful tools ethically?

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