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Perfect Fit demonstrates how a product finder chatbot can help users identify what they need. It is designed to help a user pick running shoes based on the type of runner they are and provide useful information to help them make a better choice where that is required.

the Solution

Perfect Fit combines structured text with natural language capabilities. The objective is to help the user in the most engaging but also efficient way possible.

For example, a user can type in “I am a casual runner, doing 5km runs in the park” and Perfect Fit will pick out skill level, average run length and type of road.

If any of that info is not clear based on what the user typed Perfect Fit will only then ask clarifying questions offering multiple choices. This ensures we give the conversation a chance to move quickly, but that we also collect all the necessary info.

In order to keep the content as engaging as possible, we customise the language and the flow of the conversation based on the information we collect from the user. Pro users are likely to require less explanation about different types of shoes, while casual or beginners would need more help.

Our open-source webchat widget allows us to customise widgets to support the best type of interaction with users. These can include image carousels and dropdowns.

The OpenDialog administration interface makes it easy to manage the chatbot, content and conversational flows without developer intervention:

  • Chatbot content – all the messages are easily editable
  • Webchat settings – the look and feel of the webchat widget
  • Conversational flow – changes can be made via the OpenDialog conversational markup language

our solution in action

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