Conversational Applications that actually work.

Natural, context-rich, multi-turn conversations. 

Through a delightful no-code platform

Enterprise Scale, Open Source, Conversational AI Platform

A Platform for the Entire Team

Design and Prototype Conversations Quickly

Our uniquely intuitive, no-code conversation designer empowers you to create amazing experiences that are immediately deployable. Prototype, test and refine all in a single tool.

Deploy, integrate and Train Efficiently

Our smart conversation engine frees you to customize and integrate as required. The flexible NLU supports means that you can use the best AI techniques for the problem at hand.

Manage and future-proof your conversational AI Strategy

The open-source and easily extendable architecture supports innovation while the resusability of conversational components across solutions makes this a tool that scales with your team.

Enabling everyone
to leverage Conversational AI

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OpenDialog Empowers teams to create delightful conversational experiences

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Automated Conversations that Work,
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We care deeply about how automated conversations will evolve digital experiences and make them more accessible to all humans.

OpenDialog is an open-source tool built by a diverse team of practitioners and is an expression of what we think is important around conversation design and development.  We have captured some of that thinking in our Manifesto.

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