Introducing OpenDialog 1.0. – Welcome to the age of conversational applications

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For the past 40 years interacting with digital devices has required us to understand what button to press, what menu to expand and what option to select. Whether with a mouse, trackpad, or our fingers, we are responsible for figuring out where to point and click to get a task done. The ability to converse with machines flips that dynamic around.

It is now the machines that need to understand us. If ever there was an epoch-defining shift in user experience, the ability to converse with machines is undoubtedly that. An epoch-defining change, however, can only be achieved by exploring radically new ways of creating applications for it. Applications that are conversational at their core. This is what OpenDialog is, and our mission is to enable everyone to create amazing conversational experiences. 

OpenDialog is a uniquely different sort of conversational application platform. It combines an opinionated and unified model of how conversations can be described together with a method for building sophisticated, multi-turn conversations. All functionality is accessible through a beautiful no-code builder. With OpenDialog conversation designers can design, prototype, iterate and gather feedback and developers can integrate with outside services and enhance with custom functionality—a single place to handle the entire lifecycle from design to deployment. 

OpenDialog does not force conversation design into flow charts and rigid workflows. Instead, you are liberated to create natural dialogs with conversational elements as the primary building blocks throughout. This is a radically different approach to how conversations are created that combines deep contextual information architecture capabilities with natural language understanding and the ability to perform actions and integrate with the outside world. The end result is that you can build sophisticated, contextual, multi-turn conversations faster. The resulting experiences are more robust, can be scaled faster and, crucially, are more enjoyable and feel more natural to the end-user. 

Check out our manifesto, read up on the OpenDialog method but most of all, sign up to get access to the OpenDialog platform  – it’s free! We can’t wait to welcome you to the OpenDialog community and the OpenDialog way of building conversational apps!

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