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Intuitive Conversation Designer

OpenDialog provides an intuitive conversation designer that allows you to prototype, demo, test and refine conversations quickly.

Smart and Modular Conversation Engine

Our unique conversation engine can proactively manage conversations across multiple channels and interfaces. The modular architecture allows you to customize as required.

Powerful Content Management

The conversation flow is separated from content management enabling you to robustly manage content, integrate with existing tools and translate.

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Secure, Scalable and Supported

OpenDialog offers flexible deployment, automated scalability and an expert team on hand to offer support throughout.

Enterprise SaaS Platform

  • Unique No-Code Conversation Designer - create sophisticated multi-turn conversations quickly with test-as-you-go player for easy prototyping
  • Powerful pro-active conversation engine that immediately runs your designs - no additional development steps involved
  • Flexible message editor and customisable WebChat interface
  • Quick-start templates available
  • Run multiple conversational applications (bots) from a single instance
  • Multiple channel support: WebChat, API-based (FB Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS coming soon)
  • Multiple Environments
  • Granular NLU Support - Dialogflow, LUIS, RASA and more (including your own) - to tailor your conversation model
  • Security Fixes and Updates SLA
  • SSO Integration, Audit Trail, Custom analytics and Custom Integrations
  • NLU & Knowledge Graph configuration and integration
  • Dedicated support incl. OpenDialog Conversation Design Training and Support​
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Developer and conversation designer training and support

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