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Chatbots to account for 50% of retail spend by 2025

(Juniper Research)

The last few years have seen the digital transformation of consumer shopping behavior with conversational commerce projected to reach $290 billion by 2025, rising from $41 billion in 2021 (Juniper Research).

With many touch points in the retail process where the customer experience can falter and carts can be abandoned, virtual personal shopping assistants and intelligent self-checkout Chatbots are helping to humanize the retail experience for customers and boost sales.

By personalizing the buying experience, resolving queries faster, providing detailed consumer insights and better support, staff can meet online demand and remain competitive while enhancing the customer journey.

Enhancing Customer Shopping Experiences with OpenDialog Conversational AI

Perfect Fit is a product finder Chatbot designed by OpenDialog to demonstrate how Conversational AI can be used to support the sales process and help customers identify what they need in a relevant and contextual manner.

The Perfect Fit Conversational AI Chatbot has been designed to help individual customers pick the correct running shoes for them based on a range of factors, such as the type of runner that they are and what distances they intend to run. The result is a personalized shopping experience that enables customers to make better choices and this experience can be applied to your retail experience now!

Perfect Fit – OpenDialog Example:

chatbot shopping

The Solution – OpenDialog’s Product Finder Chatbot

Natural Language Capabilities

By combining structured text with natural language capabilities, the customer can converse with the chatbot in a way that replicates human interaction.

For example, the customer can type:

“I am a casual runner, doing 5km runs in the park”

and Perfect Fit will pick out the skill level, average run length, and type of road so it can make valuable product suggestions.

If the information provided by the customer is not clear, Perfect Fit will only ask clarifying questions and offer multiple choices. This ensures that the conversation moves quickly and all the necessary information is gathered.

Personalized Conversational Flows Based on Customer Type

To keep the content as engaging as possible, OpenDialog tailor the language and flow of conversation based on the information collected from the customer.

Professional runners might need less explanation about shoe types than casual runners or beginners, for example.

Tailored Webchat Widgets

OpenDialog’s open-source webchat widget allows us to tailor widgets to best support the retailers interaction with their customers – for example, image carousels or drop down menus.

Easy Chatbot Administration

The OpenDialog administration interface makes it easy for retailers to manage the Chatbot and its content without the need for developer intervention.

Conversational AI delivers personalized shopping experiences 24/7

By engaging with the customer at first point of contact, Conversational AI Chatbots help customers to make valuable, personalized shopping decisions without the need of a 24/7 sales team – vastly reducing the time to sale and helping retailers to scale cost-effectively and with ease.

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