Conversational AI For Smarter HR Management

Conversational AI Enhancing Employee Engagement

Transforming the employee experience is a challenge that stretches from advertising for a role, through application and all the way to on-boarding the employee. HR teams need to find new ways to attract talent, manage relationships and maintain employee health and well-being without over stretching resources. With more employees working remotely AI Powered Chatbots and Intelligent Assistants help organizations engage better with employees by automating tasks, handling questions, and providing updates.

82% of employees believed AI can support their careers better than humans.

– Oracle

Transforming the employee journey with OpenDialog

Conversational AI with OpenDialog helps HR teams prioritize employee experiences by simplifying admin processes and automating time consuming administrative tasks such as generating contracts, revising company policies, logging absences and managing holiday requests. 

This allows HR teams more time to build valuable employee relationships and focus on generating better working environments for all.    

Uses of Conversational AI in HR

HR management supported by Intelligent AI Virtual Assistants

By leveraging Conversational AI, HR departments can remain fully compliant while increasing output and reducing administrative costs by 30% (Conversation Design Institute).  AI Virtual Assistants also provide an impartial avenue of support that is available to employees 24/7. This helps to improve employee experience, which according to 78% of HR leaders is the most critical factor in achieving corporate goals (Conversation Design Institute). 

See How It Works

Discover how OpenDialog Conversational AI delivers better experiences and communication to customers, agents, and employees by using natural language powered text Chatbots, Voicebots and intelligent Virtual Assistants.

By requesting a demo, you will get access to a personalized showcase of how OpenDialog Conversational AI is positively impacting real-world engagement and HR.

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