How AI Chatbots Are Cracking Down On Cybercrime with Industry Experts Rory Innes and Maaike Coppens

Thursday 30th March 2023 at 10.30 am (BST)

OpenDialog is pleased to be hosting an insightful webinar in association with The Cyber Helpline, about how AI Chatbots are helping to provide support for vulnerable customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The webinar will feature Rory Innes, Founder and CEO of The Cyber Helpline, and Maaike Coppens, VP Design at OpenDialog, who will provide their insights and expertise on how this can scale to meet customer service needs.

In today’s digital age, cybercrime has become a growing threat that affects millions of people worldwide. Victims of cybercrime often feel isolated and helpless, struggling to quickly find the support they need. However, with the power of Conversational AI, we can revolutionize the way we provide victim support.

During this webinar, we will share the story of The Cyber Helpline, a charity that offers free support from cybersecurity experts, and how AI-powered Chatbots are providing 24/7 assistance in answering inquiries to reduce some of the most complex cyber threats. Over 500,000 individuals have accessed this help.

The event will cover a range of topics, including:

  • The importance of AI Chatbots in improving cybercrime support
  • What is an AI-powered Chatbot and how it works
  • The story of The Cyber Helpline’s AI Chatbot and how it provides assistance to victims of cybercrime
  • How AI Chatbots can provide support for vulnerable customers and victims 24 hours a day and scale to meet customer service needs
  • Success stories in automating large volumes of customer enquiries
  • A live demonstration on how AI Chatbots work to support cybercrime victims

Join us for this informative webinar on Thursday, March 30th, 2023, at 10:30 am BST and discover from industry experts how AI Chatbots can make a difference in the fight against cybercrime and in providing support to victims.

For further information, please contact: [email protected]

About OpenDialog

OpenDialog is a Conversational AI platform, founded in 2017, that helps businesses build and deploy AI Powered Chatbots and Intelligent Virtual Assistants. Their platform provides organisations with the tools to transform the way they engage with business systems and processes by automating interactions through human-like conversation, and ultimately helping to improve customer experiences and boost customer engagement.


About The Cyber Helpline

The Cyber Helpline is a movement by the cyber security community to step in and fill the huge gap in support for victims of cybercrime and online harm. As a charity, it provides free, expert help to individuals and families to help them understand, contain, recover and learn from cyber attacks. Since 2018, Over 500,000 individuals have accessed its help and its helpline has opened more than 30,000 cases.

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