OpenDialog Announces Launch of Proxima, The Next Generation Conversational AI Platform

 OpenDialog has unveiled an array of exciting enhancements to its award winning conversational AI platform, announcing its latest release, called ‘Proxima’ at an online launch event last week. The platform’s upgraded features make it even quicker and easier for organizations in regulated industries to build, manage, and scale AI chatbots and digital assistants that can safely and effectively automate up to 90% of conversations with customers using generative AI. 

What’s new?

Proxima boasts a range of new features and functionalities, including our dialog composer, text-to-speech functionality, and contextual understanding. 

Dialog Composer

At the heart of Proxima is our new dialog composer, a powerful tool that enables customers to describe their goals in natural language and build conversational applications in just a few clicks. Imagine describing a claims journey for an insurance company, and with a simple click on ‘generate sample dialogs,’ Proxima leverages Generative AI to provide you with an example conversation. You can then kickstart your OpenDialog model with a single click, seamlessly translating your ideas into reality.

Text to Speech and Human Handover

Proxima’s webchat introduces a text-to-speech feature, allowing your customers to interact through text or voice. With a human handover component and integration with live chat systems, you can seamlessly accommodate a human touch when needed, automating processes while ensuring a personalized experience for customers.

Contextual Understanding

In a world where personalized customer journeys are essential, Proxima combines organizational knowledge and contextual language understanding. This unique methodology ensures that user queries are solved in context, without losing sight of the overall task at hand.

Suite of Conversational UI Components

Proxima’s new web chat feature is equipped with a rich suite of conversational UI components. Whether it’s identifying the location of an accident, selecting a date for an expert examination, or confirming information from a document, these components accelerate business processes by reducing processing steps. The hybrid interface allows you to seamlessly blend human-like conversational experiences with well-known interface patterns, optimizing user interactions.

Proactive Notifications and Regulatory Compliance

With Proxima’s proactive notification capabilities across channels, you can keep your customers engaged and informed throughout the process. Moreover, OpenDialog Proxima addresses the regulatory requirements of operating in regulated businesses, introducing in-chat e-signature and approval capabilities. This ensures end-to-end process compliance, making conversational automation a key driver of cost reduction and revenue.With the release of Proxima, OpenDialog makes complex business processes even easier to automate through conversation. 


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