Boost Productivity, Prioritize Customer Relations And Improve Profitability With OpenDialog Conversational AI

By 2023 “Lawbots” will handle a quarter of internal legal requests*

Juggling admin-heavy tasks while handling ongoing cases and responding to new clients is difficult to achieve without over-stretching resources.

Conversational AI helps legal firms alleviate heavy paperwork by automating high-effort, low-output admin tasks such as undertaking research or conducting due diligence. AI powered legal advisor Chatbots can support clients 24/7 by resolving minor claims and providing legal advice, without the need of human intervention.

Supporting Legal Teams with OpenDialog Conversational AI

Providing new clients with the step-by-step guidance they need is a tricky challenge when teams are inundated with paperwork.

As a result, many law and legal firms are turning towards Conversational AI to help streamline and automate admin-heavy tasks. By eliminating repetitive tasks and automating time-consuming processes, law firms can boost productivity and provide more value to their clients.

The Solution

Automatically Review, Analyze, And Generate Legal Documents With Conversational AI

From reviewing regulations to analyzing past cases and generating accurate legal documents, OpenDialog Conversational AI has the capability to review vast amounts of data in seconds without the need of human resources, saving hours of valuable processing time.

Client Centered Operations With OpenDialog AI Chatbots

To beat the competition, response time is key. Conversation AI powered Chatbots can be available to clients 24/7 and can handle an infinite number of enquiries.

In addition, Chatbots can be trained to provide confidential legal advice, allowing customers access to personalized legal information without speaking to a member of the team or disclosing their identity. Providing a new level of impartiality boosts customer confidence when discussing sensitive information.

Building Valuable Databases For Better Legal Insights with OpenDialog

By automatically collecting and storing data from previous cases, Conversational AI boosted applications can essentially ‘learn’ from the past. This information can be used to predict case outcomes, helping to influence a lawyer’s strategy before going to a court case, for example.

Conversational AI Generates New Business

There is a vast amount of client administrative work conducted in the legal profession which can benefit from automation.

By utilizing Conversational AI, legal firms can automate many time-costly tasks, boosting productivity and helping to make operations more profitable. The introduction of legal advice Chatbots or ‘Lawyer Bots’ further elevates the customer experience by providing 24/7 access to personalized legal information.

The convenience of this option has the potential to attract new customers that may not have otherwise considered instructing a lawyer.

How Conversational AI can help you

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