Delight customers with OpenDialog’s unique approach to automated conversations

Enterprise Conversational AI SaaS platform

Design human-friendly conversations with ease in a no-code environment

Manage the entire lifecycle of the project from design to development, deployment and testing

Integrate easily with all the services you care about from CRMs to product catalogues and from RPA to legacy backend systems

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Use the best natural understanding technology for your problem with OpenDialog’s flexible and powerful plug and play approach

Conversational AI the openDialog way

At the core of the OpenDialog way is the unique OpenDialog Converse Engine. A powerful dialog manager that makes it possible to support natural, personalised and contextual conversations with your users. 

1. Start with Conversation Design, the use Compose to manage all your content and Translate as required. Our no-code conversation designer and content management system means that you can handle everything without developers. Your design is ready to go live. 

2. Add the Natural Language Understanding capability that is right for you. OpenDialog Interpret allows you to plug into a wide range of NLU provides. This means that you can select the one that is right for you. Through our Understand capability you get ready to go NLU functionality for a wide range of common scenarios. 

3. With Interface you can use any channel required from webchat to SMS, WhatsApp or Voice. Integrate supports integration into your business systems while Transfer makes it possible to connect to live agents. 

4. Finally, OpenDialog offers support for Testing your application to ensure it always does the right thing, Analytics so you get clear information on performance and tools for Continuous Improvement. 

Conversation Design

No-Code Conversation Designer

Testing & Analytics

Testing and Analytics

Natural Language Understanding

NLU Support

Channels & Integrations

External Integrations

Make it easy to design and manage

The OpenDialog no-code environment makes it possible to develop sophisticated conversations quickly

The OpenDialog No-Code Environment

The OpenDialog Conversational AI framework allows you to customise every part of the functionality

OpenDialog Platform

What makes OpenDialog's AI product different

OpenDialog product outcomes:

  • Helps you automate your core business process.
  • Allows users to ask questions along the way without losing track.
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation through personalised, context-rich answers to questions and objection-handling.


We eliminate the need for big teams of data scientists and technical resources with our no code interface.


We make it easy to build and management new Conversational AI services with our  no code interface.


Our human like automated conversations deliver 2 to 3 times higher task completion rates enabling you to complete 80% of transactions with no human interaction.


Reduce your time to market, we enable you to get your new AI powered chatbot to market in half the time.

See How It Works

Discover how OpenDialog Conversational AI delivers better experiences and communication to customers, agents, and employees by using natural language powered text and voice chatbots, voicebots and intelligent virtual assistants.

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