AI Powered Chatbots And Intelligent Virtual Assistants

Improve Customer Experience, Reduce Workload, and Save Money.

What Is Conversational AI?

AI Powered Chatbots and Intelligent Virtual Assistants use human-like language to quickly solve customer problems without human interaction. Whether you want to improve customer service, or increase sales, Conversational AI can help you save time and cost by completing 80% of transactions without any human interaction and can make significant improvements to the experience of customers interacting with your business.

Why more businesses need Conversational AI

An increasing number of companies are looking for ways to benefit from Conversational AI in 2023, through AI Powered Chatbots or Intelligent Virtual Assistants. Conversational AI can provide customers with intelligent human-like support and responses to their questions, helping to deliver a better customer experience and reduce agent labor costs.

Conversational AI Made Easy

OpenDialog is a conversational automation platform that enables businesses to design, develop, test, deploy and manage conversational applications quickly and easily.

With OpenDialog you get conversational applications and services that are:


Our automated conversations complete 2-3 times more tasks


Created in a fraction of the time when compared to other Conversational AI development approaches


No need for big teams of data scientists and technical resources


Easy to build and manage with our no code interface

Build And Manage Conversational AI In your organization in half the time

Over 80% of complex tasks can Now be resolved by Conversational AI

- OpenDialog Case Study

Reduce Operating Costs and Increase Revenues with Conversational AI

How does OpenDialog work?

Don’t just take it from us…

“OpenDialog enables us to provide innovative and automated support for our clients in a highly regulated environment.”

– Daniel Gwerder, Head of Business IT for Audit and BSO/Accounting

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