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Conversational AI is a trending technology that includes AI Powered Chatbots and Intelligent Virtual Assistants that are transforming customer experiences. As more businesses look to leverage Conversational AI to provide better human-like automated services, our Executives answer the most common asked questions to help increase understanding and ease of deployment.

OpenDialog’s Conversational AI Platform is making Conversational AI accessible to every business, allowing you to create personalized and engaging conversations quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Terry Walby
Co-founder, Chairman and CEO

Dean Chapman
Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer

Ronald Ashri
Co-founder, Chief Product and Technology Officer

What Is Conversational AI?

Ronald Ashri, our Co-founder, Chief Product and Technology Officer, helps us define Conversational AI.


  • Conversational AI (artificial intelligence) specializes in understanding how humans converse so that software can be built that allows machines to converse with us in a human-like way

Who Are OpenDialog?

Terry Walby our Co-founder, Chairman and CEO, talks about OpenDialog and what we do.


  • OpenDialog are a technology company who have developed a Conversational AI Platform that helps businesses deliver automation through conversation

The Benefits Of OpenDialog And Conversational AI

Dean Chapman our Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer, explains some of the key benefits of working with OpenDialog.


  • OpenDialog gives you access to sophisticated Conversational AI technology that was previously only available to large, well-funded companies
  • Our solutions let your business take advantage of this technology quickly, easily and for less!

The Technology Behind OpenDialog And Conversational AI

Ronald Ashri our Co-founder, Chief Product and Technology Officer, talks through how OpenDialog’s Conversational AI Platform works.


  • OpenDialog’s Conversational AI Platform does not require an expensive team of experts thanks to its no-code conversation design tool

How OpenDialog And Conversational AI Helps Businesses

Dean Chapman our Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer, explains why Conversational AI is important for businesses.


  • Conversational AI can provide value by automating complex business process through conversation that helps to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs
  • Improves customer relationships through personalized customer experiences

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